Hundreds of years ago, an expedition of Progressors from the planet Kepler-1689 touched down on Earth...
If you find any aliens in the crowd, know that they are the kindest and friendliest humans
Their mission was noble and lofty - to accelerate the development of human civilization and spread the values that shine in their stellar hearts: ecological communication, freedom of expression, body positivity, tolerance, unity of races, and harmony in the world.

We are, the descendants of these valiant aliens, now carry on their legacy, and our mission is to find others like us ✨ Alien_UGO - an UnderGround Organization of aliens on Earth✨ We unite aliens into a harmonious, inspiring community where each is filled with strength and faith in a better future. If you encounter other aliens in the crowd - know that they are the kindest and most friendly Earthlings!
We find each other through our clothing. It glows in ultraviolet, embodying the beauty of our origin and the uniqueness of each alien. The entire palette of radiant prints and enticing projections embodies our cosmic culture.

Our thrilling journey continues, and neon traces illuminate the path to creation and harmony in this boundless Universe. Follow us on the path to unity, light, and love!